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Sunday School

The sacrament of confirmation completes the sacrament of baptism. If baptism is the sacrament of re-birth to a new and supernatural life, confirmation is the sacrament of maturity and coming of age.  All baptized persons can and should be confirmed. The effect of the sacrament of confirmation is to give strength in faith and for the confession of faith and to impress an indelible character.

- Catholic Online

Grade 8 children receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring after a two year program.


Confirmation Preparation 

The Diocese of Rockville Centre has established a common standard for catechetical formation of young people preparing for the celebration of Confirmation, at any age, and identified essential components of catechetical preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. 

These guidelines outline a well-rounded catechetical preparation for young people in the areas of catechesis, formation in the life of the Catholic community, and Christian discipleship and are designed to accompany use of an approved Confirmation preparation program. 

The immediate goal of our catechesis for Confirmation must be to help young people to understand, appreciate and be able to articulate the basic beliefs of the Catholic faith and the principles of personal and social morality. We also need to lead and support them in their journey toward ultimately making a commitment to the person of Jesus Christ, his Church and to the Catholic Christian way of life. - DRVC 

Our Lady of Lourdes children receive the Sacrament Confirmation during the spring of their eighth grade academic year. 

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