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Meeting in the Rectory - Room #2
Every Monday - 9:30 AM
The Legion of Mary is a world wide organization of the lay apostolate, in which Catholic men and women sanctify themselves through prayer and spiritual work in union with Our Lady under the guidance of the clergy.
We have a team that schedules and delivers two Pilgrim Virgin Statues throughout the Parish.
We have Religious books, videos and cassette tapes available to those interested.
We have religious materials in a special box we bring every time we visit a home to bring the Pilgrim Virgin and at the altar of Our Lady in the Church. If interested please contact the Rectory Office and someone from The Legion of Mary will return your call.
The Legion of Mary would like to encourage our Parishioners to consecrate their families and homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We will visit your home and recite the enthronement of the Sacred Heart with you and your family.
Thank you & God Bless,
Peg Hannan
The Legion of Mary
(516) 887-3390   
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